Tomorrow's well-being is
built from today's choices.


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Today's fast-paced and changing working life requires employees to develop better self-management and self-care skills, both mentally and physically. Maintaining good working ability and health promotes also better performance.

Successful workplace wellness program is foreseeing and preventative. Well-being at work requires systematic and long-term commitment. We understand, and we can help. Our personalized coaching programs help employees to stay healthy and perform better both at work and during leisure time. Well-being is based on a balanced and healthy life. Work and private life, physical activity, nutrition, sleep and daily recovery all interact with each other.

Our services

”PALVELUT YRITYKSILLE - Työhyvinvointi - henkilöstöliikunta - valmennus


Strengthen your company's competitive advantage with our comprehensive coaching and wellbeing services. Our programs are based on individual coaching to promote wellbeing, health and work ability. Lectures, workshops, and physical activity enhance motivation and build team spiri when combined with individual coaching.
PALVELUT YKSILÖILLE - Yksilövalmennus - liikunta - ravitsemus - palautuminen


Reach better well-being and optimal performance with our personalized coaching services. Our programs last between 6 to 12 months to ensure a lasting change in behaviour and habits. Regular coaching meetings with your personal coach help you focus on the essential, and successfully put your plans into practice.
MUSCLE PIITSI - Ulko- ja porrastreenit voimaan ja kestävyyteen - Yksilövalmennus


At Muscle Piitsi you will find versatile fitness and sports services for individuals, groups and companies. A wide selection of outdoor training for strength and endurance is available all year round. Our coaches and instructors are experienced with both beginners and advanced athletes.

"As a part of our workplace wellbeing action plan, this project gives to the whole staff an even greater opportunity to promote their own health and well-being. Exercise and proper diet play a vital role in this, and we now offer everyone the opportunity to receive personal assistance in actively developing both."

- Erkki Valtonen, Blue Water Shipping Oy


All our services are based on a holistic and long-term approach, where better quality of life, performance and health are the end products of our individual coaching method. Our goal is to identify key factors that can improve individual's well-being one step at a time. Permanent habits lead to a permanent change.
LIIKUNTAA JA PAREMPIA TAPOJA. Työkyky, hyvinvointi, terveys, liikunta, ravitsemus, palautuminen.

YKSILÖN HYVINVOINTIIN JA SUORITUSKYKYYN. Työkyky, hyvinvointi, terveys, liikunta, ravitsemus, palautuminen.


Our coaching is always based on individual needs.  Coaches of Jälkipoltto help you to stay focused, and support you in achieving longlasting health promoting habits. We begin by evaluating your starting point, and then continue by concretizing your goals. We work together all the way to put your goals into action, and to reach a sustainable behavioural change.


We are constantly exploring new and useful ways to improve our customers' wellbeing and performance. We collaborate actively with our client companies, partners and multi-professional network to discover and exploit new methods and tools for coaching and monitoring the effectiveness.

PYSYVIÄ MUUTOKSIA, MITATTAVIA VAIKUTUKSIA. Työkyky, hyvinvointi, terveys, liikunta, ravitsemus, palautuminen.

Our customers

Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto Blue Water Shipping Oy FinnHub ry Helsingin kaupunki

Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihii Oy Säästöpankkiliitto Kreate Työttömyyskassa Finka

Hablaco Oy Helsingin poliisi Holiday Club Helsingin yliopisto

UTC Overseas Oy Järvenpään Opisto ja Järvenpään kaupunki Listech Oy Suomen Golfliitto

Nordea Steveco Oy Oy Saimaa Terminals Ab Next Biomed Therapies Oy

Terveystalo Roche Kahvila Kampela Tyks Medisiininen toimialue

10Duke Vahvacon Oy Vuosaari-lehti Arena Center

PRA Suomi Vuoapteekki PILZ Muscle Piitsi

Why to choose Jälkipoltto?

  1. Individuality and flexibility
    We focus on individual coaching and face-to-face meetings. Under the guidance of our professional coaches, everyone can invest in their own well-being from their own starting point.
  2. Sustainability and continuity
    Well-being is not built in a day, which is why we work with our customers in a focused and sustainable way. Typically, we start with a 12-month project, as continuity is a prerequisite for renewal and permanent change.
  3. Measurability and effectiveness monitoring
    Our strength lies in the systematic, long-term, measurable and effective nature of our coaching approach. The occupational pension companies used by our client organizations have been very supportive towards our wellbeing services.
TYÖHYVINVOINTI, TYÖKYKYJOHTAMINEN, TERVEYS. Liikunta, ravitsemus, palautuminen.

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